Building the dream...

I do foundation building with people, businesses, orgs, community groups and more. My ethic is grounded in the belief that collective liberation will stem from actively challenging anti-Blackness and the oppressions born out of it. I like to meet people where they are at and build the process with them. We all learn differently and have right to the spaces, tools, and education to build a better tomorrow.

  • Community Building / Anti-O Workshops

    This is a set of workshops that we can co-design for teams, 1on1's, community groups etc. Topics dealing with gender, race, socio-economics, ability and many of the places where these topics converge.

    I want to offer a space for folks to come as they are with their strengths and shortcomings. An honest space where we build together free of judgement or pressure so we can learn and build honestly.

  • Consulting & Design

    I help build internal EDI strategy and policies or external EDI-related educational or fundraising campaigns to engage the public on a social cause. Offering EDI strategy development, education/training opportunities, educational/fundraising campaigns, strategic planning using key performance indicators, partnership/stakeholder relationship building. Together we achieve an inclusive internal environment for to get your team working cohesively and an inclusive message to attract the general public, partners, and stakeholders as well as marginalized communities to work with and engage with your cause. 

  • Guest Speaking/Lecturing

    Over the years I have moderated and spoken on panels, guest lectured in university classes and event series, and spoken at a multitude in a multitude of different settings. I have had the privilege of speaking on topics such as movement building, race, gender diversity, the intersection of class and many other factors,

    I speak from my experience as a Black person living at the intersection of multiple marginalized identities.

  • Peer Support

    I am trained in various types of peer support. I have experience creating many different safe spaces on topics such a gender and race based violence, community issues, re-imagining futures for marginalized communities

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